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More City Officials Embrace the “Learning City” Vision as Committed Post Graduates
The study bug has bitten for many eThekwini Municipality officials as they brace themselves as post graduates towards their final destination.
In the past year, just over 150 city officials were taken through a series of capacity building workshops that would enable them to move a few steps closer towards completing their post graduate studies.
The initiative, encouraged by Dr Mpilo Ngubane as Head: Ethekwini Municipal Academy and facilitated by MILE provided much needed support to city officials who are currently pursuing masters and doctoral studies.
“Thank you for exposing us to these workshops. I have a lot more determination now to ensure that I completed my master’s degree”, remarked one of the local participants who has attended all 5 sets of workshops.
Dr Ngubane, noted that having followed the academic path himself he understood the frustration of managing studies with work responsibilities. To strike a happy medium - these workshops were designed and set up in-house  to allow city officials to attend without disrupting service delivery – another first on the innovation list for eThekwini Municipality. Given the demand, MILE hopes to secure funding to allow the program to sustain itself in the new financial year.

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