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​​KZN Office of the Premier (IGR) and eThekwini Municipality Communications Workshop
The KwaZulu-Natal Office of the Premier, Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) together with MILE and the eThekwini Municipality Communications Unit hosted a Communications Workshop on the 14th July 2016 at the Moses Mabhida.
The aim of the workshop was to develop and plan the IGR Learning Network Communication Strategy that will enhance communication between the provincial government and the people.
Communications Officers from eThekwini Municipality shared their communications strategies, methods, tools and mechanisms they use to communicate with internal and external stakeholders.
Head: eThekwini Municipality IGR, Mr Eric Epelgren highlighted the importance of having a communication strategy that improves coordination and integration as well as strengthening relationships with within various sectors of government. He also emphasized the need to include political and administrative principals in developing and also adopting a communications plan.
Mr Mandla Nsele, from eThekwini Municipality Communications Unit, highlighted that it important to have a communication plan because it creates a culture of engaged employees as well as an informed community. Having a communication strategy also improves flow of information to key stakeholders. Mr Nsele elaborated on the importance of having a target audience.
"If the organization does not have a targeted group of individuals, communication is irrelevant.  Having a target audience makes communication effective, therefore is it essential to know who the target audience is,"said Mr Nsele.
After robust discussions and dialogues, the KwaZulu-Natal Office of the Premier and eThekwini Municipality agreed that it is essential to develop a Communication Strategy for the IGR forum. In developing the strategy, all stakeholders should be involved to ensure effectiveness of the communication plan. To increase engagement and integration, all units and departments need to select communication champions which will facilitate communication within the various stakeholders. 

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