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Botswana Municipal Leadership serious about Strategy Formulation
The Botswana Association of Local Authorities (BALA) celebrated their golden jubilee this week. In reflecting on 50 years of democratic developmental local government in Botswana, at their National Members Assembly (NMA) they reiterated the importance of municipal strategy and dedicated two days of their busy week, to think critically about urban strategic planning in a tailor-made Master Class run by MILE.
On Thursday 1 and Friday 2 September 2016 about 170 politicians and municipal officials from municipalities in Botswana, supported by senior political leadership from Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe gathered at Boipuso Convention Centre in Gaborone, Botswana to participate in an Urban Strategic Planning Master Class. In fulfilling the vision and mandate of eThekwini’s Municipal Academy, Dr Mpilo Ngubane the Academy Head supported the request from Cllr Rev Mmachakga Mpho Moruakgomo, President of BALA, for MILE to facilitate this important learning exchange. Cllr Moruakgomo also holds the presidency of the UCLGA Southern Africa region and has taken on the reigns to lead the Common Wealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) – another historic moment for African leadership to celebrate.
The MILE team shared experiences of eThekwini’s strategic planning process, outcome based planning, components of a good town development strategy, the importance of visioning in the urban strategic planning process and the essentials of citizen engagement.  A safe space was created by MILE for open and honest reflection and dialogue by all participants to think critically about how to move their municipalities forward in a more strategic direction. As eThekwini Municipality co-chairs the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) Urban Strategic Planning Committee internationally, the UCLG Urban Strategic Planning Policy Guidelines was used as a key reference. In addition, planners were also reminded of their role in thinking about how to localise the SDGs in Botswana, as eThekwini Municipality together with SALGA was given the mandate by the UCLG Learning Forum to champion this city-to-city learning process.
Out of this learning event, future areas of collaboration also emerged:
• The Mid-State University in Zimbabwe requested a collaboration around urban strategic planning for Zimbabwean municipalities to be run in partnership with MILE, SALGA, UCLGA and the CLGF
• The newly elected president of ALAN has requested for MILE / SALGA / UCLGA in to facilitate their second phase of  developing town development strategies in the northern municipalities of Namibia
• The Botswana South East District Council has requested Municipal Technical Support from the eThekwini municipality and is eager to participate in an urban strategic planning workshop in eThekwini, and to learn from a KZN District municipality
 Download presentations below:

 Urban Strategic Planning Master Class 2016

Day 1.1-Vhutshilo Gelebe-KZN Cogta-Municipal Strategic Planning.pdf
2613 KB
Day 1.2-eThekwini's Story Genevieve.pdf
6085 KB
Day 1.2-Puven Akkiah-Case Study-IDP experiences of eThekwini.pdf
1522 KB
Day 1.3-Sogen Moodley-Imagine Durban-.pdf
842 KB
Day 1.4-Peter Robinson-The importance of visioning in urban strategic planning.pdf
1308 KB
Day 2.1-Kisa Dlamini-Strategic planning and organisational alignment.pdf
692 KB
Day 2.2-Glen Robbins-Citizen engagement in planning and bugeting processes.pdf
1930 KB
Day 2.3-Bharthie Ranchoddas-Developing Sustainable Budgets through Public Participation.pdf
1173 KB
Day 3.1-Nirmala Govender-Monitoring and Evaluation of the Strategic Plan.pdf
2811 KB
Day 3.2-Genevieve Hartley-Municipal Technical Support.pdf
1688 KB
Final Programme-Urban Strategic Planning Master Class.pdf
348 KB
Key lessons learned.pdf
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