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Officials learn more about Municipal Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) plays a  pivotal role in local government. It helps to evaluate, improve performance and achieve results. Thus, in the spirit of knowledge sharing and following a very successful launch of the Inaugural Master Class on Performance Monitoring and Evaluation in 2015. The eThekwini Municipality’s Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Unit and the Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE), in partnership with the KwaZulu-Natal Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (KZN-COGTA), and SALGA hosted a PME Master Class from 22-24 November 2016 at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, with about 80 officials from municipalities across South Africa.
During the opening session Ms Nirmala Govender, Head of eThekwini Municipality’s Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Department mentioned the pertinent role of PME within an organisation.
“Performance Monitoring and Evaluation is important to ensure that programmes within the Municipality are implemented.  It also safeguards the effective utilisation of resources,” said Govender.
The three day Master Class is facilitated by practitioners from eThekwini Municipality’s Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Unit and selected practitioners from other municipalities in South Africa which have made significant strides and gained recognition for their innovations in building organizational efficiency. 
The Course covered the following areas: Organisational Performance Management, Performance Reporting and Quality Assurance , Individual Performance Management Systems and Audit of Performance Information.
PME Manager, Nosipho Zungu from Mandeni Municipality felt the Master Class was very beneficial to her work.
"This Master Class is a long overdue idea which has helped expose best practice and benchmarking in terms of PME. It has opened my eyes on how fast and sophisticated PME really is and cuts across all levels," said Zungu.
Kalai Pillay, PME Manager from Ilembe District Municipality thought the Master Class was unique and interesting.
"It must be noted that the Master Class was excellent and the manner that it was done was very different and interesting. It was interactive and featured various activities. It really made me think  and look at what we are doing, how we are doing it and how we can improve," emphasised Pillay.
MILE Master Classes are distinct learning sessions grounded on real practice and experience of PME in local government. The Classes are signature peer-peer-based-learning interventions to support the emerging and changing needs of South African and Sub-Saharan municipalities to continuously improve service delivery.
View event highlights on: Storify
Download Presentations below:

 PME Master Class 2016-Presentations

2.1.1. Annual Report Presentation for PME Master Class 17-11-2016.pdf
24/11/2016 14:58954 KB
2.1.2. 2015-2016 Scorecard.docx
24/11/2016 15:0331 KB
2.1.3 2014-2015 Annual Report Submission.docx
24/11/2016 15:0451 KB
2.1.4. Annual Report Observations Document 2015-2016.doc
24/11/2016 15:0451 KB
2.1.5. Annual Report Template.docx
24/11/2016 15:0532 KB
2.1.6. Checks and balances exercise for Annual Report - PME Master Class.docx
24/11/2016 15:0687 KB
2.2.1. Quality Assurance of Performance Information Organisational Performance.pdf
24/11/2016 15:071255 KB
2.2.2. Annual Report 1516 QA.Report For Mile.docx
24/11/2016 15:0734 KB
2.2.3. Q1 Scorecard 20162017 QA.Report for Mile.docx
24/11/2016 15:0733 KB
2.2.4. Q1 SDBIP 20162017 QA.Report for Mile.docx
24/11/2016 15:0734 KB
2.2.5. QA Project Plan for PERFORMANCE INFORMATION.xlsx 1617.xlsx
24/11/2016 15:0737 KB
2.2.6. Scorecard for Mile.xlsx
24/11/2016 15:0718 KB
2.2.7. SDBIP Mile.xlsx
24/11/2016 15:0717 KB
2.3.1.  IPM Executives.pdf
24/11/2016 15:111725 KB
2.3.2. CompulsoryKPIs.xls
24/11/2016 15:11148 KB
2.3.3. IDP_PM Matrix.docx
24/11/2016 15:1120 KB
2.3.4. IPP.xls
24/11/2016 15:11103 KB
2.3.5. Scorecard.xlsx
24/11/2016 15:11153 KB
2.3.6. ScoreSheet.doc
24/11/2016 15:1152 KB
2.3.7. ScoreSheet_S57.doc
24/11/2016 15:1158 KB
2.3.8. SDBIP.xlsx
24/11/2016 15:12301 KB
Day 1.1-PME Overview-Nirmala Govender.pdf
22/11/2016 13:422777 KB
Day 1.2-Linking Strategy to PME-Puven Akkiah.pdf
22/11/2016 13:431158 KB
Day 1.3.1-Muneerah Rasool-KZN Cogta-Back 2 Basics.pdf
24/11/2016 14:53535 KB
Day 1.3.2-Noky Nyasulul-Back 2 Basics.pdf
24/11/2016 14:53991 KB
Day 1.4 Nevana Srikissoon-Organisational Performance Monitoring.pdf
24/11/2016 14:553562 KB
Day 3.2-Auditor General of SA.pdf
24/11/2016 15:242609 KB
Day-3.1-Cascading Performance Management.pdf
24/11/2016 15:253205 KB

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