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Creating a Client Centric Organisation
New trends in creating a customer centric organisation was discussed at the 31st MILE  Management seminar on 28 November 2016, when Vice Chancellor of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Dr Albert van Jaarsveld delivered an impactful and thought provoking presentation on making organisations more customer focussed.

He said that customer focus needs a totally different mind-set that needs to be driven by the organisational leadership. “Every level of the organisation needs to be brought on board with the values and ethos of the organisation through knowledge and empowerment and by breaking down the silos. The only way any organisation will be able to achieve successful client relations is if the right people are employed, every employee buys into the strategy, and displays the correct attitude towards the work that must be done. ” He said often the strategy surpasses the operations on the ground, and leadership needs to be cognisant of this and formulate strategies that are practical and speak to the needs of the customer.

In order to be truly client centric one has to make sure you deliver on what the client needs, he advised. “You have to understand and accept that your client’s problems are yours and you need to do whatever it takes to help – if everyone carries that attitude, then we will be truly client centric and change the face of the organisation.”

He also gave examples on how important it is to train the customer. Education is key in ensuring that the customer understands the organisation, what services are delivered and how it works. He reminded delegates that in order to build client loyalty, one has to ensure customer service excellence always. In that way, one would be able to convert “cynics into apostles’. Reputation, he said, takes years to establish, but just one incident to tarnish.

He wrapped up by saying that cooperation and collective responsibility within the organisation is critical, in order to ensure the success of any project. It is therefore imperative for leadership to ensure that decisions can be taken by the right people, subordinates are supported, all employees understand and share the same values system and organisational culture.

Download the presentation below:
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