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KZN COGTA Spatial Planning Directorate gets Serious about Improving Service Delivery
As part of the City’s mandate for improved service delivery, MILE facilitated a strategic planning workshop for the Acting General Manager: KZN COGTA together with the Acting Director Spatial Planning and officials from the Spatial Planning Directorate on 24th April 2017 at the Desroches Hotel in Margate. 

The purpose of the workshop was to develop a shared understanding of the purpose of KZN COGTA’s Spatial Planning Department, to build a unified team with a clear understanding of the importance of their contribution towards ensuring successful service delivery to their customers, to enhance the technical capacity of the delegates attending the strategic planning workshop, to identify the strategic challenges and underlying causes facing KZN COGTA Spatial Planning Department, to devise an action plan (with monitoring mechanisms) that addresses these challenges.

This was the first substantive strategic planning session for the KZN-COGTA Spatial Planning Directorate. As part of re-examining the directorate’s core business Ms Amanda Zungu shared the story of the KZN COGTA Spatial Planning Branch. Mr Bonginkosi Ntuli from the Land Use Management Directorate then provided a brief perspective of the fundamental principles of SPLUMA and the impact that it has on the Directorates mandate.  

All delegates present had a part in developing a new mission statement for KZN COGTA’s Spatial Planning Directorate.  They then signed an ACCORD whereby they pledged to honour and uphold the revised mission statement and to make concerted efforts to implement the strategic action plan.

At the end of the workshop participants expressed feelings of being motivated, hopeful, encouraged, empowered and overwhelmed.


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