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Building Control Master Class for KZN Municipalities
Building Control is critical for achieving a safe, resilient and sustainable living environment. Whilst there are still challenges in some aspects of building management and control, eThekwini Municipality has made significant strides in this area. In light of these good practices, the City hosted a Master Class on Building Control from 20-22 June 2017 at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban.

Improving urban centres through proper management of existing buildings, future development is essential for spurring socio-economic growth and creating safe living environments. As part of entrenching sustainable urban governance, the eThekwini Municipality’s Development Planning Environment Management Unit, partnered with MILE to host the Master Class.

About sixty municipal officials from sixteen municipalities from across KwaZulu-Natal attended the Master Class. 

In is presentation Mr Sbu Ndebele, Deputy Head of eThekwini Municipality's Development Management mentioned the importance of making buildings in cities energy efficient. 

"There is a growing need for cities to adopt the efficient urban design principles associated with the compact city concepts characterised by high concentration ​​on economic activities, less energy consumption, high population and building densities," said Ndebele.

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in particular SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) and SDG 11 (Making Cities and Human Settlements Safe, Resilient and Sustainable) the Master Class set  the foundation to explore some of the relevant local government targets set to implement SDGs.

Download Presentations below:


 Building Control Master Class 2017

Building Control Master Class- Hoosen Moolla.pdf
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Day 1.0- Draft Building Control Master Class Programme .pdf
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Day 1.1-Overview Development Management Master Class.pdf
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Day 1.2-BCO Masterclass - Module 1.pdf
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Day 1.3-BCO Masterclass - Module 1.pdf
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Day 1.4-BCO Masterclass - Module 1.pdf
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Day 1.5-BCO Masterclass - Module 1.pdf
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Day 1.6-Module 2A.pdf
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Day 3.1.pdf
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New Prosecution Strategy- Abdul Domingo.pdf
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Useful Documents


 Useful Documents-Building Control Master Class 2017

Commencement Inspection Checklist - 25 May 08 BIC2.dotx
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Completion Inspection BIC8.doc
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Documentation Index.docx
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No Progress 3 Months Notice No 1 Off.8.dotx
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Pre-Aproval Checklist - Amended 09-09-2008 BIC1.dotx
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Refusal of Occupancy Certificate C4.docx
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Request for InspectionF2.doc
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Unauthorised bldg. works notice - Amended 27 Oct '09 No Letterhead.dotx
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