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Effecting a South-South Collaboration to Promote Localised Economic Development in Zimbabwe
This is an exciting time for local authorities in Zimbabwe where the National Ministries of Local Government as well as the Ministries of Higher Education Training are recognising the crucial roles academia can play in urban and rural development. Recently in 2017, all local authorities will be compelled to include the participation of higher education as a support partner in their developmental agendas. Midlands State University, a public university in Gweru mandated to co-ordinate the facilitation of a National LED Strategic Framework approached MILE to provide support to its National LED Symposium hosted from 4-8 September 2017.
The Government of Zimbabwe (GoZ) with the support of the United National Development Program (UNDP) and the Midlands State University (MSU) will be drawing on MILE to enlist eThekwini Municipal officials to build capacity and support the implementation of a south-south program under the banner “Strengthening Local Government Service Delivery Capacity for Sustainable and Inclusive Project (2016 – 2020)”. 

A key focus area for the project is the strengthening the capacity of local authorities to promote Local Economic Development (LED). To achieve this deliverable, the project has developed synergies and collaboration with MSU, Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF), World Bank and the Development Governance Institute (DEGI). The key objectives of the week’s symposium sought to strategize the rollout of the LED in local authorities sector, share experiences, strategies, tools and lessons in the implementation of LED drawing from Durban’s journey under the flagship of the South-South Cooperation Framework. 

MSU has expressed a keen interest for MILE to play a support-facilitation role on the development of the National LED Framework through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). 

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