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MILE Facilitates a CDS Review Workshop in Malawi
As the world is advancing towards an era whereby development and urbanisation is on the rise, it is crucial for cities to align with this notion. In making this a reality, cities require a framework that will inform and guide them. Hence, a City Development Strategy (CDS) fulfils the function of guiding cities towards urbanisation within their respective contexts. It is a reflection of the city’s position on the short, medium and longer term goals undertaken jointly with local partners to accelerate economic growth and enhance development.

In this regard, the Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE) facilitated a three-day workshop of reviewing the Lilongwe City Council CDS from the 29th to the 31st of May 2018. In attendance were approximately 45 participants who were officials, leadership, councillors and other stakeholders. Also among the participants, were Lilongwe City Council Deputy Mayor, Cllr Juliana Kudaya and CEO Mr Moza Zeleza. In reviewing the current CDS, strategic challenges and underlying causes facing the City Council were identified in order to devise a strategic action plan (with monitoring mechanisms) that address them. 

Words such as “situational analysis”, “constructing a shortened vision”, “contents of a good CDS”, and “need for prioritisation in planning” were expressed by some participants to describe key lessons drawn from the workshop.  

The session was concluded with all participants signing an Accord as a commitment to the reviewed CDS Strategy. 


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