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MILE joins forces with Umgeni Water Project Office
In the spirit of making a positive contribution to other sectors beyond municipalities, MILE partnered with the Umgeni Project Office to undertake a strategic planning workshop. The Session took place at Ascott-Inn Pietermaritzburg on the 8th of June 2018. 

The Strategic Planning Workshop was attended by staff members of the Umgeni Water Project Office, mainly consisting of Project Managers and Administrators. The main objective of the workshop was to lay a strategic direction and improve effectiveness for the department as a whole. As the Session unfolded, there was a reflection of the journey travelled to date, highlights, challenges, progress made and future progress.

The esteemed participants also worked in their groups to identify the key strategic opportunities, challenges and the underlying causes facing the Project Office. Towards the end of the session, a draft Action Plan emerged from all the discussions. However, it will be re-evaluated in the following Strategic Planning Workshop of the department. 

In closing, Manager of the Project Office, Mr Suhayl Rawhani encouraged participants to ensure that all projects are carried out within the right time, quality and scope. He also thanked MILE for supporting them in becoming more efficient in their work processes. 

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