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The First EMCD Roundtable Dialogue kicks off in Gariep Dam
On the 20th of July 2018, SALGA partnered with the MILE Strategic Planning and Technical team in hosting the Enhancing Capacity for Development (EMCD) Roundtable Dialogue. It is the first of a series of the Karoo Small Town Regeneration (STR) Initiative to benefit 12 municipalities in the Western Cape, Free State, and also the Northern Cape.

The Roundtable Dialogue for the European Union-funded EMCD Programme took place at the Forever Resort, Gariep Dam in the Free State whereby members of political leadership and senior officials from the targeted municipalities’ part of STR Initiative fully participated. 

The main purpose of the EMCD Roundtable Dialogue was to introduce the EMCD Programme to the participating municipalities, establish issues facing the Karoo region in order to build a case for inter-municipal cooperation, and obtain municipal recommendations to inform the 3rd Karoo STR Conference which will take place at a later stage.  

Mrs Winnie Manganye, Project Manager for EU Projects in SALGA National office provided in-depth insights regarding the EMCD Project during her presentation. “The EU call for proposals requested concept notes to be submitted for application and evaluation in 2017 under the EMCD Project. The proposed action builds upon the two organisation’s existing work,” said Manganye.

The energised participants conversed on themes regarding Agriculture, Tourism and Mining through partici-plan and world-café methodologies. 

Download the presentations and learning note from the event below: 


 Presentations and Useful Documents-EMCD Roundtable 2018

06/08/2018 11:45
2. The role of Tourism in Local Economic Development.pdf
06/08/2018 11:45
06/08/2018 11:46
Draft National Inland Fishery Policy.pdf
06/08/2018 11:47
Final Learning Notes EMCD Roundtable Dialogue.pdf
06/08/2018 11:44
OCEANS ECONOMY Aquaculture.pdf
06/08/2018 11:47
Role of mining in LED20.pdf
06/08/2018 11:48

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