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Water Governance - Learning Journey on Sharing Experiences with EThekwini Municipality
EThekwini Municipality’s Water and Sanitation Unit in partnership with the German Development Agency- GIZ and MILE are hosting a three-day Learning Exchange on Water Governance. Currently underway at the Garden Court Marine Parade, the event aims to provide exposure to innovative practices in water governance and enable peer to peer learning between two district municipalities from the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal i.e. Chris Hani District Municipality (CHDM) and Amathole District Municipality (ADM).

The Learning Exchange stems from initial planning sessions with partner municipalities within the framework of the GIZ implemented Governance Support Programme (GSP) II  . During these sessions, district municipalities from the Eastern Cape voiced challenges in the implementation of the water service delivery function and asked for support to tackle these challenges. The learning journey forms part of the GSP II support packages for these municipalities. 

EThekwini Municipality is a leader in setting good and innovative practices for the management and delivery of water to households. It has consistently performed well in the Blue Drop assessment for potable water quality. In addition, it has well-functioning systems and processes to support and manage water service delivery, these range from planning approaches, to budgeting and revenue management, to customer feedback and engagement. It presents a very good example of a well-functioning value chain of water service delivery and one that adopts and implements innovative practices to ensure standards are maintained and service delivery performance is improved.

The learning event intends to enable the partner district municipalities to apply lessons learned to their current management and operational arrangements. This will be supported by an action plan, developed during the learning journey with eThekwini that will consider short, medium- and long-term interventions that could be supported by the GSP II to improve the governance arrangements in water service delivery in Chris Hani District Municipality (CHDM) and Amathole District Municipality (ADM).

Download Presentations below:


 Water Governance Presentations and Useful Documents

Day 1.10-Durban Water Recycling.pdf
Day 1.11-Revenue Department Presentation.pdf
Day 1.12-Tariff Policy.pdf
Day 1.1-Neil Macleod .pdf
Day 1.2-Manisha Maharaj .pdf
Day 1.3-Mandla Malakoana.pdf
Day 1.4-Steve Peterson -GIS.pdf
Day 1.5-Asset Management.pdf
Day 1.6-Blue Drop.pdf
Day 1.7-Financial Management.pptx
Day 1.8-Debt Collection.pdf
Day 1.9-Water and sanitation for poor communities.pdf
Day 1-Green Drop.pdf
Day 2-Meter Reading.pdf
Day 2-Non-Revenue Water.pdf
Day 2-Performance Management.pdf
Day 2-Talent Management - Water Operations - Garden Court Marine Parade.pdf
Day 2-Water Human Resources.pdf
Day 2-Water Policy.pdf
Day 3.1-Integrating Science Policy and Practice.pdf
Day 3.2-Duct-Eco-Champs .pdf
Day 3.3-eThekwinis' Grand Water Transition.pdf
Newlands-Mashu Research Site.pdf


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