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Umgeni Engineering Services partners with MILE
On Friday, 19 October 2018, MILE partnered with Umgeni Engineering Services in hosting a Strategic Planning Session at Protea Hotel Hilton. It was attended by the complete staff component of the Department consisting of Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Quality Assurance, and Administrators.  

The Strategic Session aimed at crafting a road departing from operations and towards strategy. With the imminent restructuring of Engineering Services, the consideration of the Department’s strengths and weaknesses while aligning to the Umgeni Water Board’s Vision and Mission is pertinent.  

As the Session unfolded, there was a reflection of the journey travelled to date, highlights, challenges, progress made and future aspirations. The highly esteemed participants also worked in groups to identify the key strategic opportunities and challenges that affect the Department. Towards the end of the session, some progress was made in shaping an action plan. However, this was not taken forward as there will be follow-up session to delve into further issues. 

In closing the Session, Engineering Services Manager, Mr Alan Kockott assured the participants of a follow up session to facilitate the steps towards a strategic direction amidst the imminent Departmental restructuring. 

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