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Officials Gear to Create an Innovative and Smart City
Participants spent the morning of the final day of the Technology and Innovation Learning Exchange watching the provocative TED Talk showcasing IT innovation in Ghana where a community in Agbogbloshie, in Accra, Ghana, descend on a scrapyard to mine electronic waste for recyclable materials. Without formal training, these urban miners often teach themselves the workings of electronics by taking them apart and putting them together again. 

The video presentation was followed then by an engaging session with Shervin Nayagar from Business Development: S CON who talked about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, emphasizing how these IT elements are becoming more relevant today.  

“Virtual reality (VR) is a computer generated simulation that can be interacted within an almost real way. It is created using 3D modelling or 360degree camera technology and is experienced through special headset and/or controllers. Primarily used for gaming, with increasing commercial adoption,” said Nayaygar. 

Augmented reality systems overlays computer generated imagery into a view of the real world and can include 3D models, images, sound, information, and videos. It is installed and experienced on mobile phones, tablets, special headgear, TVs,” said Nayaygar. 

During his presentation Nayagar demonstrated how virtual and augmented reality can be used to showcase the city in terms of tourism and improving planning by augmenting an entire building. 
“AR and VR can give for example a student a different dimension of learning at a museum. It can also give police insights when using a 360 degree camera. 

Ravi Pillay from colabIT demonstrated on the Internet of Things (IOT) indicating that IOT is a global phenomenon affecting all industries.

EThekwini Municipality, Application Engineer, Ms Gloria Cwele shared insights into the development phases of the new eThekwini Municipality Mobile App. In her presentation Cwele showcased the EThekwini Municipality Mobile App which enables consumers to report faults and access information easily.

Smart City and Digital Transformation at eThekwini was presented by Lunga Madlala - Chief Digitization Officer at eThekwini Municipality.

“Almost 70% of government organizations report they are pursuing digital transformation, but only 5% are achieving it. We need to create concrete digitalization platforms. These are the foundations that we need to get right, said Madlala. 

Participants left the Learning Exchange well informed about new technologies available and determined to change the ICT landscape of the City. 

Download Presentations below:


 IT Learning Exchange Presentations Day 3

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Enhancing Service Delivery with Augmented Virtual Reality.pdf
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EThekwini Mobile App.pdf
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EThekwini Municipality A City in Transition.pdf
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 IT Learning Exchange Presentations Day 2

Thriving In A Mobile First, Cloud First Environment.pdf
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 IT Learning Exchange Presentations Day 1

4IR and Digital Disruption.pdf
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Councillor Fortein's Speech.pdf
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