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iQhaza Lethu: A Partnership to Improve Life in Informal Settlements
​EThekwini Municipality has entered into a partnership with the European Union and the Project Preparation Trust of South Africa to establish the iQhaza Lethu (Our Participation) project. 

iQhaza Lethu aims to create a cohesive and collaborative programme for the incremental upgrading of informal settlements.  An upgrading team comprising of a programme coordinator, three area coordinators, and a community based planner has been established, supported by a team from Project Preparation Trust.

Urbanisation as people seek better economic opportunities has resulted in approximately 550 informal settlements in eThekwini comprising of 226 000 households. Many informal areas do not have access to basic urban infrastructure and are characterised by overcrowding and high incidents of disasters such as fires, floods and landslides.

However, this project aims to address some of these challenges by mobilising and capacitating residents of informal settlements to improve their own living conditions through participatory planning, strengthened social networks and self-help housing, and by bringing stakeholders in government, civil society and the private sector together to plan and implement upgrading projects in a more strategic and coordinated way.

This will maximize the benefits of delivering basic services to informal settlements.  Some immediate improvements, like development of community fire response plans and improved solid waste management, can be implemented with minimal resources and can have substantial impacts on health and safety. 

The project aims to go take incremental upgrading beyond the delivery of basic services (water, sanitation, road access and waste collection) to look at issues like Early Childhood Development, access to schools and clinics, and functional tenure security.

The program will be holistic in its upgrading approach, creating area-based upgrading capacity and alignment of service delivery programmes. It will be piloted in eight settlements in the City.

The project is possible through financial support by the European Union and contributions from implementing partners.  

More information can be downloaded below:


 iQhaza Lethu

iQhaza Booklet.pdf
06/03/2019 11:48

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