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Organizational Planning For Climate Change Workshop
On Thursday 14 and Friday 15 March the eThekwini Municipality’s Development Planning, Environment and Management Unit (DPE&M) in partnership with the Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE), GIZ and Durban Research Action Partnership (DRAP) held a workshop on Organizational Planning for Climate Change.  The workshop was attended by DPE&M’s senior and middle management together with their professional Town Planners.  

The purpose of the workshop was to use an outcomes based approach to explore how Town Planners can begin to include climate change (adaptation & mitigation) into their planning processes.  It looked at the impact that their planning processes will have on helping to achieve our vision of “ by 2030 eThekwini municipality will be Africa’s most caring and liveable city”.   Unpacking the importance of climate change to our sustainability.  

All those present worked on developing a strategic action plan that will assist planners to incorporate climate change into their planning processes.  They looked at the key strategic challenges, opportunities, strategic goals and strategies to include climate change into their planning processes.  They acknowledged that whilst they are including climate change into their planning they are falling short when it comes to implementation.  

It was acknowledged that similar workshops should be held with other key planning departments and officials in eThekwini municipality.  That officials should be focussed on the impact that they are having and not on being territorial over their work.  Mr Sbu Ndebele, Acting Head: DPM&E in his introduction stated that, “Institutions like municipalities are known to work in silos. We need to bridge these silos and pull all stakeholders (municipal and non-municipal) together.”

Download Presentations below:


 Presentations: Organizational Planning For Climate Change Workshop

14 MARCH 2019 Attendance Register.pdf
15 MARCH 2019 Attendance Register.pdf
Organizational Planning For Climate Change .pdf
Organizational Planning For Climate Change.pdf
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Spatial and Land Use Management.pdf
Workshop Notes.pdf

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