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Celebrating 10 years of MILE at the Fourth UCLG Learning Forum
The fourth UCLG Learning Forum took centre stage during the second day of the World Summit of local and regional leaders hosted at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre from 11-15 November 2019.

The Forum aimed to explore how organisations can better learn from each other, transfer, and build on local policies & practices such as localizing the Sendai Framework, Sustainable Development goals and key components to nurture the learning agenda. 

The session commenced with a presentation by Mr Fezile Njokweni, Senior Manager of the Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE). In his presentation Mr Njokweni reflected on the 10 years of MILE’s existence and the valuable role played by UCLG to expand the model and engage on an international stage. 

“MILE is a Knowledge Management initiative of the City established to position Durban as an international city of learning. We celebrate 10 years of MILE this year. MILE is an active member of UCLG and has been a prominent learning vehicle for the City and local government practitioners worldwide," said Njokweni.  

In speaking about the importance of learning, Sara Hoeflich, Program Manager at UCLG, reflected on how the Learning Agenda has transformed over the years and the impact it has made to regional and city models of learning and development. She called on members to join them in the Learning Agenda by quoting an African Proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Learning partners were kept engaged with various presentations from partners on projects related to localising Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Sendai Framework within their organisations. Participants were also given an opportunity to provide their thoughts and learning's on the projects and methodologies utilised. In true MILE style all sessions were moderated and facilitated, providing a conducive learning platform.

With experiences and peer learning from eight different governments, associations, regional sections and international organizations, the full day of interactions provided an assessment of the state of learning within the Network. It inspired key elements of UCLG Learning Strategy 2019-2021 and provided concrete recommendations to boost the reach of UCLG policies through learning and specific recommendations on innovative learning methodologies and mechanisms. 

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