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Webinar: Incremental planning, alternative tenure solutions, and unlocking service provision on privately owned land
MILE in partnership with EThekwini Municipality's Human Settlements Unit and Project Preparation Trust (PPT) hosted a webinar on incremental planning, alternative tenure solutions, and unlocking service provision on privately owned land on 17th of May 2022 on Microsoft Teams. 

EThekwini Municipality's Dr Soobs Moonsammy set the scene for the webinar. Dr Moonsammy spoke about informality in the context of South Africa and provided insights into African Urbanism. 

"When African Urbanism is the Lens, imagine the possibilities we have if we change how we look at our city, with a new lens one that sees informality and formality as gray spaces (not formal or informal but distinctively urban) as opposed to seeing things with a formal lens and to make things work around this, this is the reset we need for the present we are in and the future that awaits us," said Dr Moonsammy.​

Mr. Mark Misselhorn from the Project Preparation Trust presented on the​eThekwini Incremental Planning, Land Use and Tenure Framework: Strategic Planning and SPLUMA link. 

He said, "Formal planning and regulatory systems are neither viable nor relevant for informal settlement environments-too rigid, inflexible, slow and result in exclusion. We need to respond at a scale and within severe fiscal, capacity, land and other constraints to optimally leverage resources.​

With informative presentations and facilitated discussions, the webinar showcased eThekwini’s new and innovative incremental planning arrangements which are soon to be implemented.

About iQhaza lethu

iQhaza lethu is a partnership project between eThekwini Municipality and Project Preparation Trust of KZN, co-funded by the European Union. The initiative focuses on finding scale-able solutions for informal settlement upgrading by working at both pilot project and policy levels and by working collaboratively with local communities and other stakeholders. eThekwini is home to 587 informal settlements with more than 312,000 resident households, over 78% of which reside in category B1 informal settlements which are to be upgraded in-situ. The steep slopes and high densities typical of most of these settlements require innovative servicing, planning, tenure and housing solutions

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 iQhaza lethu-17 May 2022

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