All submitted papers must follow these guidelines.  If a submitted paper does not follow them, it may be returned to the author for revision.
1. General
A full paper should not exceed 15 pages excluding images and references.
Filename for paper: ETHEK.UNIV.2012SYMP_lastname_name.doc
(e.g.:  ETHEK.UNIV.2012SYMP _Pillay _Collin.doc)
2. Format
A-4 with provided template margins, justified text and 1.15 space between lines.
3. Text
All texts are submitted as a Word 97-2003 document (*.doc , not as *.docx).
4. Layout
Use the provided word-template. Do not format the document. Use the Calibri  12 font. Limit the text to two levels at the most (Sections and Sub sections) and do not number them.
5. Illustrations
Insert the pictures and maps directly in the word document at the relevant place, according to the text. Use only jpg format for all images. Place the picture in line with the text (not square, tight, behind, nor in front of the text). Compress the picture resolution to maximum 200dpi. In order to refer in your text to an illustration, place ‘fig.’ and the number of the illustration within rectangular brackets, as in [fig.1]. Each illustration is provided with a subscript of maximum 25 words, placed directly under it and preceded by [fig. 1]. It is the responsibility of the author to arrange the copyrights and the permission of the pictures.
6. Notes and References
For notes and references use ‘insert footnote’ . If possible, merge the bibliography into the footnotes. Use the following referencing system:
Eric MUMFORD, The CIAM discourse on Urbanism, 1928-1960 (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2000)
Book chapter:
Reinhold MARTIN, "Computer architectures. Saarinen's patterns, IBM's brains" in Sarah WILLIAMS Goldhagen and Réjean LEGAULT (ed.), Anxious modernisms. Experimentation in Postwar Architectural Culture (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT press, 2000), 140-163.
Article in journal:
Stefano BOERI, "Eclectic atlases. Four possible ways of seeing the city" in Daidalos, 69-70 (1998): 102-113
Electronic media/internet:
David HASKELL, “Big Urbanism”, New York Times Magazine, December 10, 2006, < > [accessed 7 June 2009].
7. Submission
Send your text by email on or before 20 August 2012 to
Expect an e-mail confirmation to your submission. If you don’t receive an acknowledgment within a week, contact the MILE Office by phone OR Ms Stephanus on the above email address.