• Presenters will be allocated a maximum 20 minutes for presentations ( replace with a specific time for input) . How this time is used would be at the presenter’s discretion.
• All files must also be saved in PDF format.
• Filename : EURS2014SYMP_lastname_name.pdf
(e.g.: EURS2014SYMP _Pillay _Collin.pdf)
• A maximum of 8 content slides + 1 cover is allowed.
• Suggested font: Calibri with default size per slide.
• The Intro slide will serve as the Outline (Slide 1)
• Maximum 4 bullet points per slide.
• Please DO NOT put everything you are going to say on your slide.
• Please avoid reading from the slides.
• All graphics, images and language used must be relevant and suitable.
• Also note that if video clips are used, no allowance is made for amplified sound.
• File size limited to a maximum 5MB.
• Deadline for submission:
Submission Deadline for Final Presentations: 31 October 2014
 Late submissions will not be allowed.
• All presentations must be emailed to Ms Nokuphiwa Ngenywa via email: Nokuphiwa.Ngenywa@durban.gov.za