Economic Transformation: Accelerating transformation at the city level

1. What is the exact role of local government in enabling growth and economic development?
- What is our mandate and how do we get the basics right ( service provisioning)  to encourage investor confidence
2. What is the economic impact of our strategic interventions under the auspices of economic development?
- At what cost are we deriving these benefits (if any)?
- Can research provide the necessary results to justify the returns on investment?
3. To what extent is Ethekwini Municipality’s  Economic Development Strategy (2013) addressing the current challenges?
- The need to assess % compliance of the ED Strategy to implementation
- The need to measure the impact
4. Radical Economic Transformation has been identified as a national priority. What does this mean for eThekwini Municipality in driving economic emancipation?
- What needs to be in place in eThekwini to enable this national imperative?
- How efficient is it to do business in eThekwini as compared to Jhb and Cape Town ( WB study citing time and cost variables..)
Transformative Governance : Strengthening partnerships
1. How can local government make effective decisions that promote the long term sustainability of the city
- Note here mention was also made about city leadership committing to and holding onto a common and agreed vision irrespective of their term of office.
- As is often in government, new leadership will introduce a new vision, new set of priorities and non-aligned imperatives with little consideration for what took place prior to their holding office.
2. How would we structure a new visionary partnership model that can contribute to a desired state of development?
- Analysing what worked well
- Consideration for social partnerships for improved social capital is key to the model
3. What would it take to build a vibrant, strong and capacitated civil society that can contribute and engage constructively
- What are the trends ( international, Africa , local )
- Where are the best practices?
- What are the lessons for eThekwini
4. What would it take to create a more effective and integrated  organisation to deliver on its mandate
- What is the status of eThekwini organsatational  integration
- An organisation is good as the sum of its parts (evidence of power at unit level VS organisational mandate is common).
- Are we seeing more and more disconnect ( unit leadership and organisational leadership) that is impacting on the common vision and mandate

Changing Spaces: Towards transforming cities as safe and liveable space

1. Creating denser, mixed-use, mixed income Neighbourhoods

2  Promoting inclusionary and affordable housing

3.  Improving the management of public spaces \

4.  Upgrading informal settlements